AusRAIL PLUS Conference & Exhibition 2019, SYDNEY

Ng Ying Peng, Wan Rosmanira Ismail, Nur Riza Suradi, Zainol Mustafa, Zalina Mohd Ali, Rofizah Mohammad & Faridatulazna Ahmad School of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science & Technology, National University of Malaysia.
The concept of customer satisfaction is important in any business. Striving for customer satisfaction means understanding and an ticipating what the customers want of the products or services given. Customer satisfaction can also be taken as an indicator either a customer will buy or use the product continuously. The aim of introducing the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system in Malaysia is to ease the traffic congestion in Malaysian roads by providing alternative mode of transport. If the service is not satisfactory and customers are not keen of using the service then the purpose of introducing the service in the first place is defeated. Due to that reason we wish to study the current level of customer satisfaction towards LRT service.

From this study, the service attributes that need to be improved in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction will be identified. The service atributes are classified into two categories attributes at the train stations and attributes inside the train. A customer satisfaction survey were carried out and 300 questionnaires were successfully completed by the respondents. The data is analyze using the Penalty-Reward Contrast Analysis (PRCA) and Adequacy Importance Model (AIM). PRCA is used to classify the service attributes and AIM is used to measure the overall satisfaction of each service attributes by taking both the importance and satisfaction of each attributes into account. The resulting classifications of service attributes will be illustrated using Kano Model. The results show almost all service attributes are at a satisfactory level except four. These attributes were identified as cleanliness, efficiency, service of staff and safety. Further improvement need to be taken to improve the service and to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

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