Track AssessmentGathers the information in terms of track design & architecture.Laser scanning on the track.

Final Design Review (FDR)

  1. Design the mechanical components.

  2. Firm-up the interfacing with existing system.

  1. Identify & design system requirements including electronic and mechanical components with consideration of track design.

  2. Study, propose and finalize System requirements with consideration of system interface.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)Prototype and/or PPo of the components designed.Test each of the component functionality in line with specifications defined in FDR.

Delivery of EquipmentSupply of the mechanical and electronic components.Logistic arrangement to the site/customer's warehouse.

Installation WorksOn-site implementation.Installation of mechanical and electronics component and cabling works and fiber/ trunking works.

Post Installation Check Out (PICO) and System Acceptance Test (SAT)

  1. Verify the installation done at site with customer.

  2. Verify PIES® functionality upon installation.

  1. Run through with customer on each item installed based on PICO List.

  2. PIES®system testing.

System Integration Test (SIT)Verify the PIES® integration with other system.Test with other systems defined in FDR.

Certificate of CompletionConfirms the project completionIssuance of completion certificate by the customer.