PIES®/IPS™ Technology


PIES® utilize a series of flexible mounted sensor panels located between running rail in front of platforms and attached a proprietary strain sensitive cable BLUCOR® to these sensor panels and developed electronic circuitry to eliminate environmental effects while still detecting human intrusion.

The motion sensitive cable, (attached to a series of flexibly mounted, rigid sensor panels located in rows in front of each station platform) generates electronic signals in direct response to any motion applied to the sensor panels.

The signal then will be filtered and monitored for any changes to trigger a notification signal to Train Signalling and Scada via dry contact.

How does PIES® work?

  • Sensing Cable BLUCOR® are laid along the groove of Sensor Panel for motion sensing
  • Sensor Panel are fixed in position but only allow for downward movement.
  • There are Metal Spring installed underneath the Sensor Panel, which compress if weight is greater than 7kg is placed on the sensor panel.

  • When the sensor panel are compressed down with 7kg load, the BLUCOR® cable will bend due to differential of level between Sensor Panel
  • Voltage flow through the cable will then change, feeding a different signal to the control panel, which will relay this signal to the Automated Train Control or Scada to activate the procedure to stop the train.
  • Systems can be reset manually after verification by station master on clearance.

Typical installation on system utilizing a Linear Induction Motor (LIM) drive center rail or other physical element in between the two running rails.

This arrangement has been used on the Vancouver Skytrain in British Columbia, Canada and Kuala Lumpur LRT2, Malaysia. These sensor panels are typically 1220mm by 458mm ( 48 inches by 18 inches)