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After two deaths linked to subway doors several years ago, a passenger in Beijing met the similar fate, being crushed to death as the train started to move from the platform.
When it happened, video showed panicked passengers slamming the outside safety doors while the train drove away, according to a staff from the command center of Beijing Subway Company.
During the evening peak hours of November 6, Pan Xiaomei, 33, was entrapped between safety gates and carriage gates on Line 5 heading for North of Tiantongyuan. When the train moved, Pan was first crushed and then fell off the platform.
Based on official news by @Beijing Metro, the accident happened around 6:57pm. Station staff immediately initiated emergency shut down, and then sent Pan to the nearest hospital, but she died the same day at 8:20pm.
The accident happened on the second day of APEC Summit. To ensure blue sky during the week, the government has placed traffic controls in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province, which resulted in significant rise in subway passengers. Transportation authorities had previously predicted that an additional 1 million people would take the subway.
A Beijing Metro technician said that Line 5 ha set up two electronic cameras for each train, one at the front and the other at the back, both paralleling the train. “So, from the existing two cameras, we could not find out what happened. There is no clear vision.”
He then said, citing staff at the accident scene, the deceased was entrapped between the closed carriage door and safety door attached to the platform. And then the train moved.
Sina Weibo account @Liujun was the first to break the news. He posted around 7:08pm, “Line 5 Huixinxijie South station got one female entrapped by safety doors, the train moved and caused the death of the girl.”
The man surnamed Liu told Caixin that only three minutes after the accident, he walked out of the subway and posted the Weibo. He said he’s not sure if the girl was dead or not. “It’s just subjective judgement.”
“The girl was entrapped between the closed carriage door and platform safety door. People outside began to slap the safety door fiercely, while in one or two seconds, the train moved. Then all the people ran away from the door. It was too horrifying.”
When the accident happened, Mr. Liu noticed that there were no metro station staff around, and in a few minutes, several staff and two policemen came and opened the safety door to look for the injured girl.
A staff from Beijing Metro Company told the reporter, “This should have never happened, apparently many things have gone wrong.”
The Beijing News cited the doctor attending the diseased as saying that the girl was still breathing when she was admitted, but failed to survive finally. “There is no visible injuries on her body, but some bruises and many fractures. The whole chest has caved in. She must have been squeezed.”