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Pindad and his company group, Pindad Global Source and Trading (PGST) in collaboration with Malaysian business partners, AZTI launched the Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop (PIES) System or also known as the Guideway Intrusion Detection System (GIDS) on Tuesday, December 18 2018 at Graha Pindad Bandung. PIES is a platform security system in the railway transportation to detect human intrusion on the guideway on the LRT / MRT.

The event was attended by Infrastructure Director General of the Railroad Ministry of Transportation Zamrides, Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics Harjanto, representatives of the Ministry of BUMN, Deputy President Commissioner of Pindad, Directors of BUMN cluster NDHI, Director of AZTI Group of Company Malaysia and Directors of companies Project owner director and train operator.

PIES is a proven security system on a platform with more than 30 years of reliable operational records to detect passenger intrusion disturbances in front of the platform / emplacement rail area. PIES sends a signal to stop the train entering or leaving the station after an intrusion has been detected.

President Director, Abraham Mose said Pindad – AZTI – PGST will jointly develop and produce PIES in the Pindad production facility to be marketed together by Pindad together with PGST for the MRT and LRT projects.

Abraham further said this product would provide protection to users of the LRT / MRT and would provide added value to railroad management companies, with easy operation and adequate financing.

PIES is a reactive security system compared to Passenger Screen Door (PSD) which is a preventive security system. Another advantage of PIES is that it has proven quality, simple and reliable. PIES has been used in various countries such as Canada, Australia, the United States and Malaysia. PIES has a potential market for MRT and LRT projects in Indonesia.

How PIES work
The BLUCOR® cable is placed along the Sensor Panel groove to detect movement.

The Sensor Panel is in a fixed position but only allows for downward movement.

There is a Metal Spring installed under the Sensor Panel which will compress down if more than 7kg is placed on the sensor panel.

When the sensor panel is compressed down with a minimum load of 7kg, the BLUCOR® cable will be curved due to different levels between the sensor panels.

The voltage flow through the cable will change, giving a different signal to the control panel, which will forward this signal to Automatic Train Control to activate the procedure for stopping the train.

The system can be reinstalled manually after being verified with the permission of the main station.

Launching of PIES is a follow-up action to the signing of the cooperation agreement in August 2018 between PGST, Pindad and Azti which will cover: creating and developing system solutions to support domestic industries and training of the local people, clients, sub-contractors and operators.

This PIES platform is the newest product in the industrial sector, especially in the rail transportation sector. This year, Pindad has launched a variety of the latest products in the industrial field such as Excava 200 Amphibious, Paddy Dryer, motors and electric vehicles.